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Advisor to the Oryol governor Klychkov was surrendered by a contractor convicted in the case of theft of 76 million rubles.

81187 1 Advisor To The Oryol Governor Klychkov Was Surrendered By A Contractor Convicted In The Case Of Theft Of 76 Million Rubles.

Sergey Lezhnev

Sergey Lezhnev

Advisor to the governor of the Oryol region Sergei Lezhnev was detained , Izvestia’s source reported on May 26.

According to preliminary data, the detention is related to a case of theft during the reconstruction of the Red Bridge in the regional capital.

“Lezhnev was detained on May 25 and taken to a temporary detention center (temporary detention center – Ed.) in Orel,” the source clarified.

Previously, the general director of the Belgorod LLC Remspetsmost, Evgeniy Podrezov, who was a contractor during the construction, testified against the adviser to the regional governor. The total amount of theft in this case could be about 76 million rubles.

@vchkogpu, 05.26.2024 19:46: In 2022, a verdict was passed in Orel in the case of theft during the repair of the Red Bridge. Then the director of the contractor company Remspetsmost, Evgeniy Podrezov, was sent to jail for 4.5 years. He entered into a pre-trial agreement, but not all of his testimony was allowed to proceed.

In total, according to investigators, about 76 million rubles were stolen—the money was transferred to a one-day company and cashed. Another person involved was put on the wanted list in the same case, and “unidentified persons from among the administration employees” remained unidentified.

As the Cheka-OGPU learned, the personal intervention of Governor Andrei Klychkov was to blame, at whose request the local security forces “buried” the criminal case. However, Moscow became interested in the case and FSB officers recently contacted the wanted businessman. He was offered guarantees and, as part of cooperation with the special services, the fugitive returned, giving exhaustive testimony against Sergei Lezhnev. The latter is a close and confidant of Governor Andrei Klychkov. The adviser was involved in both PR and finances for his boss. Now, thanks to the testimony, the investigation considers Sergei Lezhnev to be the organizer of the scheme, who could personally steal about 30 million rubles. — Insert K.ru

Earlier, on November 30, 2023, Orel Mayor Yuri Parakhin announced that the city had completed the reconstruction of the Red Bridge across the Oka River, which lasted almost three years.

The authorities signed a contract for the reconstruction of the Red Bridge worth 1.41 billion rubles in November 2020 with Remspetsmost LLC. The crossing itself was closed in February 2021. It soon became clear that the general director of the company, together with other persons, had squandered 179 million rubles. In December 2021, the company was included in the register of unscrupulous suppliers.

After this, several more attempts were made to find a contractor to complete the reconstruction of the bridge. As a result, the contract was awarded to the Moscow LLC Uvarovskaya Mobile Mechanized Column No. 22, which agreed to perform the work for 1.6 billion rubles.

The last time the Red Bridge was overhauled was in 1999. The authorities started talking about the next renewal in 2018, when the project was estimated at 1 billion rubles. The search for a contractor started at the end of 2019.